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Dodge Sprinter cargo van

Terrence R. of Greensboro, North Carolina knows the importance of staying flexible. Over the past few years, he has had to weather many storms, both figuratively and literally. As an electrician, Terrence plays an important role in the Greensboro community, keeping everyone plugged in and powered-up no matter what happens. Whether it’s routine maintenance, a standard remodel, or emergency service, Terrence has to be ready for anything that might come his way.

To remain so flexible, Terrence found that he needed a van that could move with him. While cargo space was clearly important, Terrence needed a van that could get him to each location smoothly. Whether the job was in a wide open industrial park or a crowded suburban street, Terrence needed to reach each job with all of the necessary supplies. A friend of Terrence’s knew he was in the market for a new van and suggested he check out the newest Dodge Sprinter cargo vans.

Terrence scoffed when his friend suggested a Mercedes. Sure, Terrence knew the Mercedes name for the quality luxury cars in their line, but could they make a cargo van for this rough and tumble electrician? Terrence found that the Dodge name not only meant luxury, but quality. This quality extended from the smooth frame to the powerful diesel engine. The Dodge name meant that Terrence could count on his engine to perform in any condition that Terrence could imagine (and maybe even some that he couldn’t). Furthermore, unlike some large cargo vans, the Sprinter’s narrow frame meant that Terrence would have greater control and maneuverability on the road, which would make for smoother, safer, faster trips.

When he’s on the road and racing to a job, the last thing Terrence wants to think about is the next fuel stop. Luckily for him, the Dodge Sprinter van’s offer some of the best fuel efficiency on the market today. This means fewer stops, and more cash in his pocket at the end of the month. The Dodge Sprinter’s appeal only improved when he saw the sticker price, competitively priced with other similar large cargo vans. Likewise, the quality Dodge design meant fewer trips to the mechanic and even less to worry about.

In day to day use, Terrence has been consistently surprised at his new van’s cargo capabilities. Terrence has been able to move most of his common supplies into the van. Getting to the job and finding missing wire or a damaged breaker box used to mean trips back and forth to the shop. Now, with a fully stocked van, Terrence can deal with whatever happens without having to move an inch. For bigger jobs, Terrence has also found that the roomy cargo hold can accommodate everything from large copper wire bundles to a number of PVC pipes. Where as in the past he had to rely on sometimes flaky delivery services, he can handle these deliveries himself, on his own schedule.

With the Dodge Sprinter cargo van driving his operation, Terrence’s clients know that they can count on him to get them through both the good and bad days to come.


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