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Despite the rough times, Timothy Y. of Wilmington, North Carolina has managed to make a name for himself in the Hot Shot service industry. He has done so by understanding the needs of his community and planning his business accordingly. Timothy knew that the key to a starting a successful Hot Shot in these rough times is to go above and beyond what the competition is offering, in this case by offering not only warehouse space but top notch delivery service as well. When it came time for Timothy to invest in a new line of delivery trucks for his business, he decided to go with another business that goes above and beyond the call: Dodge Sprinter series delivery van.

When making his decision to purchase a new fleet of vans, Timothy was thinking long term. Plenty of cargo vans on the market today offer bells and whistles, but Timothy questioned whether or not they had the quality design to last through years carrying heavy duty loads. The last thing Timothy needed was to be constantly stuck on the side of the road, trying to get his rig moving when there was money on the line. Furthermore, unlike some large cargo vans, the Dodge Sprinter’s narrow frame meant that Timothy would have greater control and maneuverability on the road, which would make for smoother, safer, faster trips.

Timothy scoffed when his friend suggested he consider a Dodge. Timothy knew that Dodge was the name for quality luxury cars, but could they make a cargo van for this on the go Hot Shot Service? Timothy found that the Dodge name not only meant luxury, but quality. This quality extended from the smooth frame to the powerful diesel engine. The Dodge name meant that Timothy could count on his engine to perform in any condition that Timothy could imagine (and maybe even some that he couldn’t!).

While speed is a factor, safety is priority number one for Timothy. Not only does he have to ensure that each delivery will arrive undamaged, but, as a good employer, Timothy always looks out for his employees and strives to guarantee their safety. Fortunately, the Dodge Sprinter’s design provides for maximum safety for both passengers and cargo. The revolutionary design lets the drivers take turns safely in a manner consistent with much smaller delivery vans, regardless of weather or road conditions.

While all of these features of the Dodge Sprinter cargo vans are important to Timothy, the most important factor for Timothy when selecting his new cargo vans was space. Timothy’s customers expect to have their supplies delivered as rapidly as possible and in as few trips as possible. To accommodate their needs, Timothy needed a van that could handle loads like a big rig but would fit in his budget like a conventional van. Fortunately the Dodge Sprinter’s interior design maximizes space usage, giving him more than enough space to handle the larger than normal jobs.

Timothy has learned that versatility and quality service are the keys to success in any business. That’s what clients expect from him, and that’s what he expects from his Dodge Sprinter vans.


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