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Throughout history, Winston-Salem, North Carolina has been the countries capitol when it comes to the entrepreneurial spirit of America. From the early tobacco industry to today’s thriving technology industry, Winston-Salem has been a city that has attracted the only brightest and most adventurous business people. Trading upon Winston-Salem’s illustrious past as an agricultural center and it’s future as a thriving suburban community, Penelope Q. saw the perfect opportunity to set up business as a organic produce dealer. Using her connections in surrounding farm communities, Penelope Q. picks only the finest produce from the area and delivers her goods to area restaurants and produce shops. Many in the community are willing to pay top dollar to only get the freshest tasting produce available, free of chemicals and freeze dried texture. The key to Penelope’s business is getting the produce to customers as quickly as possible, ensuring their freshness before they hit the dinner table. To help her in her journey, Penelope decided to make an investment in the Mercedes Sprinter cargo van.

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