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Freightliner Sprinter

For cousins Hugo and Justin of High Point, North Carolina, running a small plumbing shop can make for some big headaches. When the cousins decided to set up shop in High Point, they hoped to use their ingenuity and skill to compete with larger, more established plumbing shops in the area.

With only he and his cousin on the crew, Hugo needed to find ways to get ahead wherever they could. They knew that quality service would keep their customers coming back for years to come. Not wanting to cut back on their materials or services, they decided to look elsewhere to save money. When it came time to buy their first company cargo van, the cousins decided this was the area to invest wisely in. With one smart purchase, they saw an opportunity to save money in the long term while increasing their business volume at the same time. That’s why they decided to go with the Freightliner Sprinter van.

The cousins found that the Freightliner’s large cargo space and heavy duty weight capacity would allow them to increase their loads per trip. This bigger loads meant that they could bid for larger and more lucrative remodeling contracts. For smaller jobs, the increased size meant fewer trips back and forth from the shop to get supplies. Either way, the cousin’s found themselves making money and saving money with the same amount of space. Also, despite the vast cargo space, the cousins found that the Freightliner could fit in most standard parking areas, meaning easier access to both industrial and residential jobs. When time is of the essence, the last thing their customers want to hear about is ‘parking problems’.

Under the hood, the Freightliner’s powerful diesel engine gives the van great acceleration and strength for such a spacious vehicle. The van’s narrow frame meant that they could handle tight curves no matter the quality of the road, ensuring their safety and speedy service. Due to the Sprinter’s innovative exterior design and fuel efficient engine, the cousins found that this added power did no translate into higher fuel bills.

Furthermore, with the Freightliner name backing the van, the cousin’s knew they would not need to worry about frequent breakdowns or repairs. In those first few months on the job, the cousins decided to make a name for themselves by being available at any time or any hour for emergency service. All they needed to get rolling in the middle of the night was a large cup of coffee and the Freightliner Sprinter, ready to roll in any condition.

Sealing the deal for the cousins was the cars price. Factoring in all the money they would save in gas bills and fewer cargo trips, Hugo and Justin calculated that they could save thousands of dollars each month with the Freightliner Sprinter versus a conventional sized truck.

Almost a year has passed and business is booming for the cousins from Jackson. Their dedication to going above and beyond the call has earned them great word of mouth. For anyone who asks, they don’t hesitate to recommend the Freightliner Sprinter cargo van for whatever the need may be.


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